Hello! My name's Dana, and I'm an American artist living in France. I draw animals and mythical creatures, from wolves and bats to capricorns and dragons. I transform my drawings into designs for stickers, prints, clothing, and other accessories. I also create handmade, limited-run linocut prints.I've participated in a variety of events throughout the United States and Europe, including "furry" and multi-genre "geek" conventions. My art style and drawing subjects are appealing to attendees of different interests and backgrounds, and as such I'm confident my work will resonate with attendees at your event, too. Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and for considering my application for your event.


Below are examples of the merchandise I sell. I aim to create things which are enjoyable, but also have a long shelf life.

Consistent merch
I always have these items with me
✦ Stickers
✦ Prints
✦ Metallic bookmarks
✦ Beanie Hats
✦ Linocut prints (variable and limited-run designs)
Variable merch
These items may change from one event to the next and are often limited edition
✦ Art tapestries/art print bandanas
✦ Shirts
✦ Tank tops
✦ Charms/keychains, badges/buttons
✦ Patches
✦ Enamel pins

Moonlit Bat Beanie

Glow-in-the-dark beanie hat!


Below are photos of my table at my previous events (chronologically ordered with most recent first). I do my best to offer a pleasant browsing experience for my customers, even when given limited space.

Fauntastic 2024

Fauntastic 2024 - Lyon, France

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Below are other examples of my work, some of which are being used for new merchandise currently in production.

At some events, I offer custom drawing commissions. I typically offer drawings of animals, mythical beasts, and anthropomorphic characters.

More information

  • Name: Dana Teixeira (née Larson)

  • Business/Trading as: Abandon Ambition

  • Main contact: zelaphas@gmail.com

Why "Abandon Ambition"?

"Abandon Ambition" is an expression of despair following the events of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic and consequent lockdowns, increasing temperatures and destructive weather caused by climate change... there are many reasons to lose hope, and consequently lose ambition, when you're unsure of what's coming next and how it'll disrupt your plans.However, despite all this, there are still reasons to celebrate the time which we have now. And, without ambition, there are only passions, interests, and the desire to try new things and discover new means of self expression. Without a goal or a deadline, without a vision for the future, I can pay intense attention to the nature that surrounds me and survives in the face of environmental destruction, and how animals offer a reflection of our own humanity.When I abandon ambition, I express despair, but also creativity. Without the ambition for something large and specific and disruptable, I have more freedom to explore art in many forms and share it with the world, enjoying smaller goals and exploring larger ideas along the way.

List of vendor events

Upcoming events

  • Anthrocon (Dealer's Den & Art Show)

  • En-Terre Fantastique

  • Geek Life Laval

  • 85 Tattoo Expo

  • FBL Paris

Past events: 2024

  • Fauntastic

  • Ostara

  • Nordic Fuzz Con

  • Geek Days Rennes

Past events: 2023

  • Geek Days Lille: Winter

  • Geek Days Caen

  • Geek Days Brest

  • Eurofurence

  • Furrnion

Past events: 2022

  • Eurofurence

  • Anthrocon